Canadian Energy has you covered with batteries, inverters and circuit protection equipmentfor your vessel. Whether you have a personal watercraft, fishing boat, day cruiser, wakeboard boat, sailboat or yacht, we have the solutions you are looking for. Let our team recommend the right solution for your vessel so you can focus on being on the water with friends and family.

Personal Watercraft

Today’s personal watercraft come with all kinds of electrical demands from stereos, depth sounders and GPS navigation. We have a large selection of batteries to suit your PWC, whether it is just a battery for starting or if you need a battery for all the other creature comforts. We can also hook you up with a battery charger to keep your battery charged and ready for the next time you hit the water.

Fishing Boats

Fishing boats are equipped with more and more electronics to help you catch more fish. We have a large selection of batteries for all variations of fishing boats, from a car topper to a modern bass fishing boat or offshore fishing vessel. Our large selection of batteries, power conversion, charging, and circuit protection equipment is second to none. Let our team recommend the proper set up so you can focus on catching more fish.

Day Cruiser / Wakeboard Boat

When all you want to do is have fun on the water, your batteries are the last thing on your mind. Our selection of batteries is beyond compare. Our team is standing by with the right equipment to start your engine, keep the tunes playing and fridge running, as well as keeping the other electronics on your boat functioning so you can focus on having fun on the water.

Sailboats / Yachts

Sailboats and yachts are becoming more and more like floating homes with enormous demands for power. Our large selection of batteries, power conversion and circuit protection equipment means you can count on us to recommend the right gear to keep all your electronics running on your boat. Cruising longer is the goal, and we’re here to help. Contact us to help you set sail.


The Best Standard Warranty in Canada - Period.

We know your customers demand a long-lasting hassle-free standard warranty. We've got that. Ours is the best in the business and will follow them wherever they go.

Marine Renewable Energy

As Canadians, we love to enjoy the outdoors without limits. Whether you’re fishing in the Atlantic, cruising around the Great Lakes or sailing the Pacific Ocean. Wherever your next adventure awaits, whether you are off the grid for a week, or need to power your cruiser’s stereo system, we want you to explore and enjoy without worry. Our mobile Marine power solutions are designed to work in the real world, not just on paper or in ideal conditions. We carry the widest range of products you will ever need under one roof and we have you covered from Coast to Coast.

  1. SHORE POWER CONNECTION. Charge up and run your loads while docked.
  2. TRANSFER SWITCH. A three way switch that switches between two inputs automatically.
  3. GENERATOR. Run loads and charges the battery bank when it is low.
  4. INVERTER/CHARGER. Converts stored energy in the batteries to AC power to run your loads. Also charges your battery bank.
  1. BATTERY BANK. Converts stored energy in the batteries to AC power to run your loads. Also charges your battery bank.
  2. LOADS. Convenient power to run all AC loads on your boat.
  3. DISTRIBUTION PANEL. Distributes AC Power to your loads.
  4. LOADS. Convenient power to run all AC loads on your boat.

Meet Our Partners

Discover Lithium Batteries

The Xantrex brand is one of the most successful and popular brands of onboard AC power technology. Xantrex products are used in a variety of applications in the RV, marine, military, construction, EMS, bus, work service vehicle and commercial truck markets. With more than three decades of design, engineering, and manufacturing experience, Xantrex power solutions offer an enviable mix of advanced technology and unmatched bankability.

Discover Lithium Batteries

Victron manufactures electric power conversion products for mobile and other off-grid applications. Since its inception in 1975 Victron has become an international enterprise with almost 1000 different products sold in more than 60 countries. Based in the Netherlands with offices in France, England, Germany, Denmark, Spain, USA, South Africa and Australia they produce battery chargers, pure sinewave inverters, Pure Sinewave inverters-chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors, solar MPPT charge controllers and more.


Discover is a manufacturer of batteries for worldwide distribution, who works with world-leading manufacturers to supply advanced battery technology. Discover's insight, combined with their extensive market knowledge, drives them to innovate and optimize battery technology for worldwide distribution through a trusted network of partners. Their superior products work to eliminate user related issues, reduce maintenance costs, and provide measurable productivity and performance gains while meeting the world's demand for quality power within lower economic and environmental footprints.

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